Valve Snub Dota 2 Item Collectors with their New Treasure

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  [Update – February 16]: Since the publication of this article, Valve replaced the Flowing Entropy Spectre set, but Airborne Assault Craft, Gyrocopter set and Exact Marksman, Sniper set, haven’t been removed. The two sets were initially featured in the Fall Season Compendium 2015 of the Kiev Major, and both were exclusive items for that chest, not marketable and not tradable.

  Treasure of the Amaranth released February 15 by Valve and presented as a Valentine’s Day special is getting a lot of heat from the Dota 2 community members who are right to be upset.

  Treasure of the Amaranth is now available in the Dota 2 store for $1.99 and it contains a collection of 23 sets previously featured in various other treasures. There are a couple of problems with this treasure and to start with, we will state the obvious: Valve chose the easiest and the cheapest route to cash in some money when they literally have hundreds of sets submitted in the Dota 2 workshop. A lot of those sets are even fitting the Valentine’s Day theme much better than the ones chosen now. In all honesty, the only set included in the Treasure of the Amaranth that has something in common with Valentine’s Day is the Complete Corridan Maestro.


  Storm’s set is one of the two extremely rare items in this new treasure and it was originally featured in a treasure which could be obtained by leveling the Fall 2016 Battle Pass. The treasure is not available in the Dota 2 store anymore, but it can be found on the market for around $13. What’s even more hilarious is that the Complete Corridan Maestro set is also on the market for just $5.90. Infused item parts of the set can also be purchased for less than five bucks, which makes Valve’s decision for adding this set as an extremely rare drop absolutely stunning. The same goes for any of the very rare or extremely rare items contained in this “new” treasure.


  While some of the Dota 2 players can interpret this as a scam and are right to ask others not to buy Treasure of the Amaranth, some are even more upset after they found out today that their exclusive TI5 items are not so exclusive anymore.

  Flowing Entropy, a Spectre item set which was available in the International 2015 Collector’s Cache and as any Collector’s Cache items, it was not marketable or tradable, has changed its status today when it was added in the Treasure of the Amaranth. By adding this set to a new treasure, therefore making it available to anyone who didn’t have it from TI5, Valve not only infuriates those who spent money back then but also make us wonder if it’s worth buying multiple Collector’s Cache treasure in the future if eventually, the sets will show in random other treasures.


  In an age when few things are blessed with the mark of originality, the content creators, ranging from the Twitch streamers to triple A publishers, strive to get the most bang out of their creative juices. Nowadays most games have their content spaced out in DLCs or season passes and a lot of streamers on Youtube and Twitch often stoop quite low to milk some interest out of any event that happens to spice their daily online presence. In other words, new content is a highly valued commodity that keeps the audience glued to their monitors expecting for more. And when the content creators fail to deliver new exciting stuff they should be prepared to take the flak.

  Being a free to play game, Dota 2 is basically a crowdfunded project, where the community supports the development by voting the content with their wallets. And some members of the community pride themselves with exclusive items obtained through their loyalty to the game and their hard worked cash. Trivializing that exclusive content seems like a slap in the face of all the collectors who invested money to own a piece of a unique moment in time. So when Valve rehash old content and bundle it in a treasure labeled as new, they basically penalize the portion of their audience that actually pays.